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Students at Winters Flat Primary School learn Indonesian as their L.O.T.E (Language Other Than English). In 2016, students in Grades Prep, One and Two will participate in 1 hourly sessions of Indonesian each week. The classes introduce new vocabulary, games, cultural understanding and attempt to follow the school based theme followed by all classes each term. Technology is a key aspect in lessons and personal reflections from parents and students who have visited Indonesia are encouraged.

The benefits of learning a second language are clearly documented with the following points being just a few of the widely accepted results.
Now more than ever we are a part of a global community. Learning a language presents a new way of looking at the world. It can open a child's eyes to what is out there beyond their local community

We live in a multicultural society and learning about other cultural viewpoints is essential for children to develop knowledge, respect and empathy for others.
Learning a second language can enhance your child's vocational prospects. As our growing economy depends on increased trade with other countries, there is a demand for graduates with a second language.

Learning a second language can enhance skills and understanding in English. Children can develop transferable skills such as pattern recognition, linguistic problem solving, and an understanding of language conventions such as grammar, tense, and gender.

Language learning can be highly enjoyable and satisfying for young children. They are curious and inquisitive learners who learn by questioning and copying.

Research indicates that the earlier children begin practising a second language, the better their pronunciation. Studies have also shown that early second language learning in children can enhance reading levels in English.