Learning from Home


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***information regarding the return to school here


The following information is current:

- All children who can learn from home MUST learn at home.

- The parent/carer is responsible for the student's general safety at home or elsewhere.

- Learning from home will consist of 2-3.5 hours of work per day, including literacy, numeracy, physical activity, inquiry – integrated studies and specialists (time depends on grade level of child).

- Children are eligible to undertake on-site learning on days where parents are unable to supervise them due to not being able to work from home and when no other arrangements can be made.

- On-site learning will be the same as remote/home learning to ensure equal opportunities for all, therefore 2-3.5 hours of learning time will occur in the normal school hours. The tasks will be set by the child's teacher, however children on-site will be supervised by rotating staff members throughout the day.


Students eligible to be on-site learning

If you are not able to work from home and cannot make other arrangements for your child/ren to be supervised please contact me via XUNO, Schoolzine or my email: Suzanne.Kinnersly@education.vic.gov.au and let me know the days you require your child/ren to be on-site learning. If your child is eligible to be on-site learning but is unwell or sick, you must make other arrangements.


*From the Principal

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