Dear parents, carers and students,

Our second round of Home Learning will follow a similar format to Term 2. This will involve a daily WebEx with the whole class, as well as scheduled WebExes at other times throughout the week. If you can’t attend daily WebExes, please keep in touch to let us know what you are doing at home. We are required by the Education Department to mark your attendance each day during Home Learning.

One thing that is different is that we will be offering a weekly ‘Home Delivery Service’ of learning materials to all students in the school. This is with the aim to reduce school traffic and the need to pick up packs from school. We will also be using this as an opportunity to pick up work that students have completed so that we can have an ongoing understanding of how our students are progressing. This term we hope to reduce the amount of printing and paper used each week where possible. 

We are intending to send home a weekly list of activities to all students in the JLC that can be adjusted to your child’s point of need. We are also sending an example timetable. For some families, we hope our suggested routine will help supplement your home activities, but it will be up to you to choose what will best fit in with your own family’s needs and schedules. Some students have found it difficult to maintain motivation in the Home Learning environment. One way of dealing with this, is planning out your week and choosing preferred activities each day that will help keep your child engaged throughout the week.

There is an expectation that students will continue with their education as much as possible. Ideally students will read every day and participate in 45-60mins of literacy and 30-45mins of maths and other curriculum and specialist areas each day. However, during these difficult times we all need to be patient and understanding of our mental health and the pressure and expectations we put on ourselves and our children. Specialist teachers will be uploading lessons to the school website - look under the ‘Teaching & Learning’ - ‘Learning from Home’ tabs.

Our main goal continues to be supporting the wellbeing of your child and family. Please contact us on Xuno or via email with whatever questions you have and we will endeavour to support each other as much as possible. Please continue to provide feedback via email or Xuno, as to how we can best support your family’s needs during this time of change.

Many thanks,

Bianca, Fiona and Helen (Junior Learning Community)


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