Dear families

Talking to some parents over the past few weeks whilst in stage three restrictions, we  discussed ways to support  wellbeing and mental health.  The common theme was that juggling working from home,  remote learning, parenting and other life matters can become overwhelming and stressful, layered with uncertainties that the pandemic brings. Some parents noted that being in the second round of remote learning brings some familiarity which can be comforting and reassuring as it has been done before and at the same time it can also be daunting, tiring and stressful. Below are a few links which give tips related to coping with the isolation, supporting  mental health and working and parenting from home.  Also please feel free to email me Belinda.ganglmair@eduation.vic.gov.au on a Monday or Tuesday from 9am-2.30pm. We can also set up a webex session if that is preferred.


Beyond Blue

Coping with isolation and being at home, working from home as a parent or carer



Head to Health

Managing mental health and financial stress during COVID-19



Beyond Blue

Ways to look after your mental health in isolation and being at home



Raising Children’s Network

Coronavirus tips to manage distancing or self-isolation and keeping children entertained.




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