SLC Community- 4/5H

Dear families,

In response to the Department’s request to have a record of students who are engaging with remote learning, I will have a “meeting” every day to check in at 11am. In the event that you are not able to make it or you cannot due to internet restrictions you can make contact with me through email or by sending a text to my mobile phone to indicate that your children are doing school work for that day. This will need to occur every day.

If you are able please send a copy of your child’s work each day. Seeing your child’s work is incredibly helpful.

My Webex meeting room will be open daily at 10.55am. To enter post the following hyperlink into your web browser.

Thanks for keeping in touch and for all the extra work you’re doing.

If you have any difficulties accessing the document please let me know asap. You can print out the work plan or students can read it off a computer. If you feel that any work is too difficult for your child, don't do it. Let me know. For some students the work is too difficult. Chose what is at your child's level. 

If they have not finished their work during the time I have allotted for each task, I would like them to stop. I would like their learning to be enjoyable and achievable, not cumbersome. At the same time it’s also important that they focus on their learning and try their best.

Once again, if you have any queries, please feel free to email me at:

I will be working from home.

Take care,


Work Plan for Week 1 (14th-17th April)

Resources for Week 1 (14th-17th April)

Work Plan and Resources for Week 2 (20th April-24th April)

Work Plan and Resources for Week 3 (27th April-1st May)

Work Plan and Resources for Week 4 (4th May-8th May)

Thrive and Survive Task 

Work Plan and Resources for Week 5 (11th May-15th May)

Work Plan and Resources for Week 6 (18th May-22nd May)

Work Plan and Resources for Week 7 (26th May-29th May)

**Just a quick reminder that Monday the 25th May is a pupil free day and students are not required to complete any work.

I have included work for Monday in the program. Students can swap work on Monday with another day if they would like to. They do not have to.