Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden Program

Jane and Terry’s Term 2 online program

Week 1

Tomato and Basil sauce


Anzac biscuits



Week 2

Basil pesto

Basic gnocchi

Seasonal fruit platter

Planting: Direct sowing seeds


Week 3

Cauliflower soup

Basic bread

Propagation: Softwood cuttings


Week 4

Chinese Greens stir-fried with soy sauce and ginger

Fried rice

Basic rice

Seed saving (Dry)


Week 5

Roasted sweet potato

Butter and sage sauce

Banana bread



Week 6

Leek and silverbeet Pizza

Basic pizza dough

Botanical Drawing


Week 7

Potato, leek and chive soup

Basic bread-Rolls

Bug catcher


Week 8

Warm beetroot and herb salad

Stephanie’s simple poached fruit and crumble

Kitchen herb pots


Week 9


Soft taco shells

Salad of the imagination

Sprouting seeds for salads


Week 10

Greek chickpea and silverbeet stew

Chicken stock

Vegetable stock

Seasonal fruit muffins

Rain gauge


Week 11

Vegetable Samosas

Yoghurt and sesame sauce

Worm farm: Creation


SAKG WEBSITES - this is the post.

Nature Play SA
To support families in a shift toward more time spent outdoors this website has a “Families” section which hosts a range of lists and information sheets available for download – free for anyone who’s interested.

Natured Kids
This website, run by Narelle Debenham in Victoria, has an “at home” section which contains some great resources & activities for children in nature.

Nature Detectives…/
A lot of these can be done in a garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location!