Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

"If children take responsibility for their own food, they will learn bad from good."

"The way to introduce children to great tasting food that happens to be good for them, is to engage their curiosity."

- Stephanie Alexander. 

It is upon this philosophy that the "Garden Harvest" program at Winters Flat evolved.  The program introduced children to great tasting food that just happens to be good for them, by engaging their curiosity and letting them enjoy the widest possible range of flavours and foods in a supportive environment.  Sadly for some children this no longer happens at home.

The program was an extension of the award winning ECO Garden and began as a way for children to be involved in planting, harvesting and preparing the produce to be shared at a communal dining event.

The program continues to run on a two week rotational basis, with students in one group involved in the harvesting, preparation and cooking of a meal to be shared as a group, while students in a second group are involved in working and developing the garden and other environmentally related activities. This encourages real life understanding of water management and land care, and the energies needed to grow food successfully.

Volunteers are most welcome to assist with both the cooking and gardening aspects of the Stephanie Alexander program.  A copy of a Working With Children Check is required before attending the school to work in either area.

The kitchen is large enough to be used as both a cooking and dining area.

table full of vegetables