The Listening Post

I have always been inspired by what can be done with so little – and have especially loved the creativity of African cultures where toys are made out of a range of recycled materials such as old cans, wire – even old thongs! On Friday, I delighted in the sounds coming from two Grade Six boys as they played together on makeshift drums. The boys were preparing for the talent quest for Monday’s Assembly. I showed these boys a clip of ‘desktop drumming’ (one of the rhythm activities introduced through the Berry Street Education training currently being rolled out in the Shire), which is a fun way to get into the rhythm of life! Children at Winters Flat will be doing many ‘brain breaks’ in their classrooms over the coming term. Brain breaks are a great way for children of all ages (adults too for that matter) to become more aware of their energy levels and learn fun ways to regulate their emotions. And, they only take two-to-five minutes!

The Wellbeing Committee is currently putting together a submission for the Bendigo Bank Grant, where the focus is on community partnerships and supporting teachers and parents/caregivers as they provide opportunities for children to build resilience.

We are also brainstorming ways that Winters Flat PS can create more spaces within the playground so children have more options and choices at recess and lunchtimes to play, be, relax, recite a poem, or put on a play or make hand-made musical instruments! Please let us know if you (children, teachers, parents/ community members) have any wonderful ideas to share!

We have recently started consulting with community members who are versed in the ‘rites of passage’ work with boys. We are planning an event for Grade 4-6 boys in the transition phase between boyhood and the early adolescent years of secondary school. Watch this space (and if you are in Grades 4-6, please save Friday 1st December in your diaries – we are planning something awesome!)…more information will be available soon!

~ Kim Collins | Welfare Officer