It is our school's belief that each child must be treated as an individual and encouraged to develop a high level of achievement in all curriculum areas.

Our school is a SPACE school, meaning that we cater for each child’s Social, Physical, Academic, Creative and Emotional wellbeing. Our purpose is to develop our students socially, physically, academically, creatively and emotionally.

We believe that it is the responsibility of all involved with the child to help each child develop their full potential as a thinking, responsible, caring individual. Children will develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to understand and contribute to society.

We believe that children should be encouraged to respond to high expectations and develop high expectations of themselves.

We further believe they should be able to work effectively with others. To this end each child is seen as an individual and is encouraged to grow in confidence and self-worth, taking more responsibility for their own learning.

A genuine partnership between teachers, pupils and parents is seen as an integral aspect of effective education. The engagement of parents in policy development, classroom programs and open communication is to be pursued by all those involved with the school. Pupils are encouraged to have input into decision-making concerning program and school development.