Winters Flat Primary School is commited to sustainability and is an active participant in the ResourceSmart Schools program - a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do.

We take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This helps up to reduce costs while giving students the opportunity to learn about sustainability in a tangible and realistic environment.

As the 2015 ResourceSmart School of the year, winner of the 2016 Premier's Sustainability Award, and a finalist in the 2020 ResouceSmart awards, we are also a 5 Star Leadership school. 5 Star schools must demonstrate significant leadership in each of the five ResourceSmart Schools modules of Core, Biodiversity, Energy, Water and Waste as well as actively help other schools to start their own sustainability journey, and show the Victorian community what can be done at the local level.

As part of being a 5 Star ResourceSmart School we undertake a yearly biodiversity audit around the 7 acres of school grounds. Below are the results for 2020:

Number of native trees over 6m – 79 trees

Number of exotic trees over 6m – 26 trees

Number of trees/shrubs/grasses planted in the last 12 months – 162 plants

Number of native trees under 6m – 117 trees

Number of exotic trees under 6m – 98 trees

Number of rocks and logs – 109

Number of habitats – 26

Habitats include - butterfly garden, birdscape, insect hotel, indigenous plant propagation, composting area, nest boxes, lizard lounges, frog bogs, wetlands, worm farms.

All classes are involved with students driving all programs/activities.

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Our school has been featured in a book! ‘HOPE: 50 Ways to Help Our Planet Every Day’, features case studies on primary schools across Australia who are making positive changes to help the environment #50WaysToHOPE @puffinbooksaus