Junior Department | Prep & 1

In 2017 the Winters Flat Junior Department consists of three prep/one classes with Fiona Johnston, Keenan Lucas and Pixy Amber. The classes are located in the building called Creekview. As well as large classrooms the building offers a spacious and light filled central area, which is used for reading, play-based learning activities and art sessions.

Students participate in weekly Bluearth (Physical Education) and Visual Arts lessons with specialist teachers. Indonesian classes are every two weeks. Students also have access to the School Library to borrow books each week.

We also have a Cobbers Program, where an older student is paired with a younger student. This mentor program fosters relationships and support our new students’ transition into the school environment. Parents are welcome to help out with a range of programs and their assistance is always appreciated.

Students in the Junior Department participate in “Activities” as part of our weekly timetable. This is a structured play experience which involves all the students working and playing together in our big central space. Activities are facilitated by the teachers using a selection of equipment.

Activities can include craft, construction, dress-ups, dramatic play, mobilo and singing. Afterwards the students return to their classes to reflect and write about their experiences.

School Artwork