Parent Class Representatives

As part of our endeavour to promote communication and to assist new families joining our school community, we have parent representatives assigned to each class.

The role of class reps is to message families in the class about any class-related events, mustering volunteers, as well as encouraging families to socialise through events outside school – either with or without the kids. The parent class reps help to build a sense of community around our school.

Communication of class information and events is done through the development of a class specific mailing list and co-ordinated by allocated class reps. Parent contact details will be accessed by the relevant class teacher and class representative only. They will not be available to others outside the specific class.

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P/1J Helen Kaptein & Cahra Swarris
P/1L Vacant
1/2M Sarah Copland 
2/3W Kate Guthrie 
3/4B Esther Barneveld
4/6O Anne-marie Middlemast & Jodie Oakman 
5/6B Elissa Sadgrove & Nicole Trench
5/6F Kylie Pascoe 

If you haven't already given permission for your details to be shared with the class rep, you can do so by:

- completing the online form here

- downloading the form as a .pdf, completing it and returning it to the office... Parent Communication Letter 2018.pdf