• Suzanne Kinnersly: Principal
  • Peta Firth: 5/6F
  • Sam Burdett 5/6B
  • Wendy Oates: 4/5/6O
  • Karen Brooks: 3/4BM (4 Days)
  • Helen Weir: 2/3W
  • Jeanette McMahon: 1/2MB (4 Days)
  • Marie Bourne: 3/4B (1Day)
  • Fiona Johnston: P/1J
  • Keenan Lucas: P/1L
  • Juliet Jefferys: Visual Art
  • Jill Murphy: Reading Intervention
  • Sam Milner: Physical Education ( 2 Days) & 3/4 B (1 Day)
  • Jane Grylls: Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program - Kitchen Specialist
  • Terry Willis: Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program – Garden Specialist/Maintenance
  • Karen Mahoney: Business Manager
  • Liz Old: Administration
  • Kim Collins: Welfare Officer
  • Anne Neath: Education Support Staff
  • Marg Stevens: Education Support Staff
  • Morgan Sherry: Education Support Staff
  • Katie Kilgour: French
  • Harry Poulton: Volunteer Chess Tutor


  • Drew Thorpe: Various Musical Instruments
  • Sandra O’Connor: Piano/Keyboard
  • Laura Tenison: Singing
  • Brenton Apostolou: Guitar

Our staff understand the importance of lifelong learning and as a school we are commited to providing every opportunity for our staff to hone their skills.