Principal's Welcome

Suzanne, PrincipalAs the new principal at Winters Flat PS, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be here. I’ve met some fantastic kids, teachers and parents so far and we’re already on track with what is always a busy time of year – Term 4.

Just a bit about me. I’ve had a Castlemaine connection for about 30 years and have spent many happy times here. I’ve been teaching at Auburn South PS in East Hawthorn for 18 years. I started there as Music Specialist and for the past five years was Assistant Principal. Our SAKG was established in 2012 and I am so impressed by the program and the broader implications it has across other curriculum areas. Already I can see the WFPS program is making a huge difference to the lives of the students who participate.

I have moved to Castlemaine to temporary accommodation for the term, which has meant an enforced separation from my two Jack Russell terriers (crazy rescue dogs) – the break is probably doing us all good and I know they’re in good hands.

I have taught in generalist classrooms as team leader and curriculum co-ordinator, specialist visual arts and classroom music and studied post-grad with Christoph Maubach and others in Orff Schulwerk – an instructional method developed by German composer Karl Orff. The philosophical underlay, is that every child is musical and can participate at whatever skill level they have achieved to make music and sing together. I play many instruments (none at any real level of virtuosity) but am always “in the zone” when singing or playing. I am currently learning cello and finding it challenging/rewarding in equal measure.

I also enjoy tennis and golf (strictly social), I have a kayak which I may attempt to re-launch on lake Cairn Curran and am a sucker for musicals, comedy and any decent drama ABC/ SBS can dish up.

I was particularly attracted to WFPS for its incredible leadership in sustainability which sees the school as a finalist in Sustainability School of the Decade! I was also drawn to the clearly articulated vison statement: “To create an inclusive school community where students develop the academic, physical, social, emotional, creative and moral skills that are the foundation for success in life. A school that celebrates diversity and promotes a deep respect for the environment and for each other.” I will continue to lead and support our school in living this statement.

I love the SPACE (Social Physical Academic Creative Emotional) concept and aim to ensure that Winters Flat PS  continues to be The SPACE to grow.

If you haven’t done so already, please drop by my office or have a chat when I’m in the yard.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and have already been made to feel very welcome.


Suzanne Kinnersly  |  Principal

Winters Flat Primary School