If your child is unwell, please keep them home until their symptoms have subsided.

If your child has an infectious disease, please follow the health guidelines for minimum exclusion periods.


At school, we provide basic First Aid for minor accidents. Our policy in the event of a more serious illness or accident is to contact the parents immediately, so that they can arrange for their child to be collected from the school. All parents, but particularly those who are at work, will need to arrange for at least one emergency contact in case of their child’s illness or accident. In the event of a serious accident, the school may need to ring for medical help: should an ambulance be required the school is not responsible for payment of ambulance transport.

Please ensure that your emergency contact number is kept up to date.


It is essential that the section on Asthma in the School Enrolment Form be accurately completed. Parents must submit an Asthma Action Plan, updated yearly, and completed by a doctor, to assist with the care of students at school. If your child requires medication, including an inhaler, parents must provide this. 

Children are not permitted to self-administer medication at school. If medication is required, it must be provided, with written instructions, to the school office.

Allergies and Anaphylaxis

It is essential to advise the school if your child has an allergy and/or is at risk of an anaphylactic reaction. We will then discuss the school’s Management Plan.

Anaphylaxis and Allergy plans are to be provided to school if applicable.

Head Lice

Constant vigilance and attention is required by all families to keep head lice infestation to a minimum. Please notify the school in the event of infestation so that other families can be advised to take extra care.

Children with live lice will be sent home until parents can provide proof of treatment. Please be aware that multiple treatments are required to eradicate both lice and eggs.

Find head lice health advice here.