Positive Behaviour

Our school’s student wellbeing and behaviour management approaches are based on the foundation of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS). This approach is well-researched and has been shown to support and enhance the schools in which it is implemented.

A key aim of PBS is to create a positive school community with consistent expectations in all areas of school life. From the classrooms to the specialist rooms, from the front gate to the playground, PBS helps Winters Flat’s students understand what is expected of them and provides motivation to comply with those expectations.

Care Crows

To help make PBS more meaningful to our students, we have adopted three mascots, which help to spread the message that we are a caring and respectful community. Our mascots are the “Care Crows” who represent “caring for yourself”, “caring for others” and “caring for the environment”. The Care Crows are used in our school awards and help to create a common language across the school regarding behavioural expectations for self and others.

Student Well Being Management

This booklet is designed to outline the values, procedures and programs that are in place at Winters Flat Primary School to promote self-esteem, tolerance and resilience among all our students. This is a working document, and as such it will be reviewed and updated regularly based on feedback from parents, students and staff.

It is hoped that this booklet will help parents to develop a better understanding of the policies and procedures at the school, which are designed to protect and nurture all students. The school values and principles that allow our children to grow and flourish in a safe environment are discussed. The programs that support those principles are presented, as well as the procedures that are put in place when problems arise. This booklet also provides some tips on detecting difficulties as early as possible so that action can be taken to remedy them.

Importantly, this booklet provides a basis for parents to give the school ideas for improving the ways in which we work with students to protect their welfare and safety. If you have any ideas, which you see as enhancing the content of this booklet, please contact the Principal or a member of the School Council, who will take them to the School Council meeting and staff for consideration.

Click the link below to view the Student wellbeing management booklet: