Please ensure your child is at school by 8:50am. 

Children arriving late to school, or needing to leave early are required to sign in/out using the IPad in the school office.  They will need to also state the reason for arriving at school late (or needing to leave early).


School Commences 8.55am
Recess 10.55am to 11.25am
Lunch 1.35pm to 2.15pm
Dismissal 3.15pm


The school and grounds are under supervision by teachers between the hours of 8.40am and 3.30pm.

Unless special arrangements are made, parents should be aware that children in the school grounds outside these hours will not be supervised, and there may be no assistance available in case of accident. At lunch play and during recess, two teachers supervise the yard on a duty roster, to assist children in times of need. They wear high-vis vests for easy recognition.


The Department of Education requires students to be at school every day, unless they are ill, and teachers are required to record the reason for a child’s absence from school. The preferred method is via XUNO, otherwise a telephone call, or email, are also options for reporting a absences.

If collecting your child from school at any time other than the normal dismissal time, you must come to the office and sign your child out on the iPad for an early departure and take an Early Departure slip to the class teacher.

This procedure must be strictly adhered to, and is in place to protect your child, you, and the school.

Please note that unless a request is received in writing, children can only be released to a known adult.

Similarly, children cannot leave the school ground at any time without the direct permission of a Principal, and a note is received from a parent. This includes going home for lunch. If your child does arrive home unexpectedly, please notify the school immediately.

If your child is absent from school without a reason, expect an SMS, email or phone call from the school to enquire as to why your child is absent.